Blog: KCB Will Beat Kabras

Rugby aficionado Gerald Kibugi “Boogzie” has a few things to say about Saturday’s Enterprise Cup final between KCB and Kabras Sugar at the RFUEA Ground.

The Kenya cup final that never was is on this Saturday, draped in the historic enterprise cup. KCB Lions vs. Kabras Sugar. For KCB seeking out back to back wins at the finals, this is of course a nail biter for Curtis Olago, but Kabras have the opportunity for the season double, Anthony Ogot and his boys, must be surefooted and equally challenged.

Rugby aficionados’ may cry wolf over the depleted sides that have had to compete in this year’s Enterprise cup. Rugby is a team sport, the understudies are not players in a theatre, rather, they are team players. We may as well shine a light on KCB without Amusala,Lilako,Mang’eni,Karia, Amonde and Mukidza, and similarly cast aspersions on their game ready mentality, but that only questions the sport’s emphasis on team play. The sugar men are also without Edwin Achayo and Nick Barasa but that will not deny us a thriller.

There is nothing shifty about Kabras game play (except for the travelling rainmaker),they have consistently played a tactical game that heavily relies on the boots of Kubu for space and Olando for points, their scrum is still tittering on the fray, dominant in size but lacks an awareness that has been called to question by most of their opponents.

That Fijian flair and quick off-loads by the backs is a beauty in beast mode, and has caught the best defensive squads flatfooted. We may want to see set pieces from the line but the necessity for such is devoid by the practical nature of their game approach. They have a grounded philosophy that I contend uplifts the game of rugby locally, ‘the basics are core’.

Curtis Olago, a man with purposeful indifference to all things rugby drama. I consider his
efforts as subtle genius, in player rotation and game situation analysis. He has often identified the kerfuffle that derails his game plans and quickly re-organizes his charges with deft surety.

They may have lost their roar this season, but none have assumed they’ve been domesticated.KCB Rugby is played above individual talents (except for that fullback prodigy), their game borrows heavily from adjectives that denote normalcy. They have not dramatically restructured open play but have a knack for upsets (both ways if I may add).

The game will be played at the scrum, KCB may have an edge but lack forward consistency. A systematic compliance to the basics with minimal shuffling at lineouts will give the sugar men the edge. We should expect several truck and trailer movements from the lineouts, with contingency tries from subsequent rucks. I contend that the red zone during such moments breeds indiscipline.

Kabras have on numerous occasions strayed offside when on the back foot; KCB should play to this discrepancy with purpose. They will definitely cross over for two or three tries from this movement.

As for the backs play, Kubu has distorted defensive lines with his mini-dashes that zigzag the shape. It is his trade mark play and with due consideration the faux-set piece play that Kabras owns.

Accustomed to his bursts, the team always rallies behind him, quick on the ruck and all. Kabras will defiantly punch holes that are hard to cover.

The resolute nature of KCB’s game readiness will be questioned from kickoff. KCB has a sturdy defensive that rides the waves with character. They will concede a try but it will not be from open play situations but Kabras will concede a try under the very same circumstances.

I predict a one-sided affair that will allow KCB to take the enterprise cup for the second year running. Fulltime scores KCB 31 – Kabras 12.

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