Homeboyz have appointed William Webster as their new coach. They are a well-drilled side. Having had a coach who was in the army, its no surprise! With quick wingers that have attracted call-ups to the Kenya 7s side and a never say die attitude, -is that energizer or Duracell? Whatever the brand they have it! – They are a dangerous side. Proved time and time again from them having to win two ESS championships in a row to gain recognition at the Big Boy’s Table to them claiming their first win ever over current champions KCB last week! Basically they will knock on the door and if you don’t let them in, they WILL break it down or die trying.

Impala have proved time and time again this season they are a running side, with a huge points difference, clean over the rest -scoring tries from deep almost at will.  With a plethora of Individual talent to boot, having within their squad about 5 or 6 genuine match winners.  Impala over the last few seasons have been the butt of numerous jokes, from memes to talks of “ baulo” to “ keep scrolling lower to find Impala on the log”! True, Impala has been quiet for the past few seasons, but if you think for even one second that the BEAST has not awoken, you could not be more mistaken. The Benja days are back! Seeking to reclaim their glory days, committed to claim the crown back, they believe the season is purely a formality, they want back what they believe is rightfully theirs, The Kenya Cup!

Match Ups

 Nato Simiyu (Impala) v Haroun Lubasia (Homeboyz)

His running game is second to none; few can match his passing ability and vision. His ability to read the game is supreme. And a side step that….you just need to see it for yourself but Benji Marshall comes to mind. (youtube if you must , you will not be disappointed). Fit and experienced and ability to kick of both feet comfortably, a key feature for Impala for sure!

Harun, a good pass and ability to distribute the ball, a kicking specialist; He is making a name for himself at fly half and what better way that to come up against and prove himself against the Master.

Joshua Chisanga (Homeboyz) v Joel Omer (Impala)

Full of youth and the definition of a Battering Ram on attack; Joshua is powerful and you can just ask any of the many victims he has left in the wake of his destruction! He will put doubt and fear into defenders attracting lots of attention. Therefore obviously a good decoy as well, so all in all a major option for Homeboys on attack.

Good on the tackle, powerful on both defense and attack, with skills to boot he is the compete package.  Joel is a fetcher at the breakdown and a player driven by passion! A great leader around the park and great inspiration for those around him; He will leave it all on the field!!

– Barrack Bukusi

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