Ominde Sinks Kabras

A Geoff Ominde inspired Top Fry Nakuru put in a huge performance, dispatching pre-match favorites Kabras Sugar 19-17 at the Kakamega Showground in Kenya Cup match day nine action on Saturday 21 January 2017.

The Kabrasians took a 14-3 lead into the break by way of touch downs from Phil Wokorach and Felix Ayange, scrummie Ivan Chilabo sure with the ensuing conversions for the hosts as they cancelled out Ominde’s early penalty.

Another Ominde penalty cut the deficit to 14-6 and when he converted Philip Kwame’s try, the game was finely poised at 14-13.

Ominde and Wokorach would trade penalties, Kabras leading 17-16 with precious little on the ticker before the Nakuru skipper, with sniper-like precision and awareness let fly a drop goal that returned the Wanyore to winning ways, breaking the Kabrasians unbeaten record in the process.

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