Mitch Ocholla/Photo/OSBKE
Mitch Ocholla/Photo/OSBKE

It’s barely a week to the start of the 2014/2015 Kenya Cup campaign. Mitch Ocholla answers‘s five questions.

1. How has your team been preparing for the upcoming season?

Strathmore Pan Africa Leos have had a successful pre-season preparation leading up to the upcoming season. We have targeted the weaknesses that we had last season and have satisfactorily addressed the issues that saw us finish third last season.

2. Any new players coming through the ranks? Players to watch out for?

Being hugely a development side, we have traditionally had exciting players through the ranks. We however plan to operate as a unit by improving each and every players skills and understanding of the game.

3. What is your take on the upcoming season?

The script in sport has always been the same. The league competition profile will definitely be on the rise. It would be an interesting season owing to the fact that margin between the so called big clubs has closed. It will be a cracker of a season.

4. What are your team’s expectations for the coming season?

Actions will speak louder than words. We won’t know what is in store at the Leos camp until after the final whistle blows every weekend.

5. Your parting shot ahead of the new season?

Strathmore Pan Africa Leos want to have our best season possible.

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